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Kiểm tra trình độ Tiếng Anh Online có kết quả ngay!


About The Online-Test?

Who can?

  • Everyone can entry all of Free practices & Free quiz tests.
  • POL's Students can do all the Premium Tests - with personality ID, and Tests with Password (from your teachers).
  • POL's Teachers can entry all of Tests (Free + Premium) + full Exams.

How many tests we have?

Hundreds of practices & quiz tests are free for everyone.

Hundreds of premium tests & Exams for Students.

Thousands of questions in our library. 

How can I do the tests?

  • Our tests are designed for all devices (PC, Laptop, ipad, smart phone ...).
    So you can do every where, every time you want.
  • Free practices & tests are always available for doing.
  • Premium tests are available only for POL's students & teachers.
  • Full tests is only accepted with CODE Number (given by your teacher).
  • Thanks POL's teachers who collect & create the questions.

What Our Users Are Saying:

My English is improved day by day.
Thanks for the useful practices & tests. I can do everyday, everywhere with my mobile phone.

Anna Smith - CEO, Incorp

I've finished 3th English course in POL center of education and training and got 7.0 IELTS ^^ . English is more easy & interested with POL. Everything is ok. Many thanks!

Marc Jacobs - Manager

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